How to spot a cruise missile on the radar

A cruise missile is the most powerful weapon in the arsenal of a ballistic missile.It can strike a target at up to 3,000 miles per hour and, at least at its most powerful, can reach the Pentagon.It also can penetrate deep into bunkers, cruise ships, airplanes, tanks and even cars.A cruise-missile strike can hit anywhere […]

Cruise control systems: What you need to know

How cruise control systems work cruise control is a system that automatically switches from cruise control mode to emergency mode when an emergency occurs.In this mode, the cruise control screen and instrument panel are blanked out and the engine will be running.The cruise control panel will show a green warning light and a green arrow […]

‘The only way to get to the games is by the back of a limo’: A look at how the NFL is changing the way you travel

Cruise lines are changing the game and are making the car experience a more immersive experience.┬áThe industry has been working on new ways to allow passengers to experience the game in a different way.For example, in 2017, the NFL and the NFL Players Association partnered on a new technology called the Cruise Mode, which allows […]

Japanese cruise system to test its cruise security systems

The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) has begun testing its new cruise security system on its first of its ships.The Japanese company will use the system aboard its next-generation patrol ships.The new system will be used on a number of ships, including the new Type 065 patrol ships, which are expected to begin arriving at […]

How to build a Cruise Security System

Cruise security systems are a relatively new industry, but they’ve already been around for a while.The first one was built by the US Navy in the 1950s, and it was designed to detect submarines.The most recent version was designed by Lockheed Martin in 2014.It’s based on the Lockheed Martin Super Cruise System, which is still […]

Which Cruise System Is Best for Your Cruise Ship?

A new cruise system for the ocean’s largest cruise ship is under development.The U.S. Coast Guard announced Tuesday that it has contracted a cruise systems engineer to build a new cruise ship for the U.K.’s Cruising Cruises that was built with the same components as one used by Carnival Corp., the world’s largest Carnival Cruise […]

Which of the US cruise security system is the best?

Cruise security systems are a staple of cruise line operations, but their ability to detect and intercept cruise ships and cruise passengers is a bit more difficult than it might seem.This article looks at a few cruise security solutions from companies like United Airlines, American Airlines, Virgin America and Norwegian.What’s the best cruise security solution?The […]