Which cruise cruise vehicle is best for passengers?

Cruise Automation Cruise Automated Vehicles (CAVs) are the next generation of cruise vehicles.They are similar to a train but without the need to stop for fuel, and are designed for shorter, faster and more convenient trips.The technology that powers them is a combination of onboard sensors and an onboard computer that can determine where the […]

How to buy a cruise ship with the cruise pilot, cruise ship tech, and cruise cruise system

In an age where you can book a cruise for less than $300 and get it in less than a week, it’s hard to believe there’s anything wrong with a cruise.But a new study from the National Academy of Sciences is proving just how far the technology has come, and the technology will probably save […]

How to win the “Fidelio Cruise System Challenge”

A year ago, the world’s first fully self-driving cruise system was delivered to the public, and now, the public is getting their hands on the vehicle.It’s a fleet of four vehicles equipped with cruise control and navigation systems and a fleet-wide infotainment system.The cars also have a steering wheel, touch-screen, and other controls that make […]

How cruise ships and airliners are getting smarter

Cruises, planes and helicopters are getting more sophisticated and smarter, but the air traffic controllers who manage them have yet to catch up.The Air Traffic Controllers Association of America says cruise ships, planes, and helicopters should be equipped with sensors to allow them to detect more threats, including drones.They want to use these capabilities to […]

When is cruise control coming to the Virgin Atlantic and what’s it going to cost?

Cruises are going the way of the plane seat, and in a few years, it’s likely we’ll be able to put a seatbelt on any of our loved ones, too.Cruise control, meanwhile, is not going to be coming to any of the world’s airlines anytime soon.But that doesn’t mean it’s off the table.We asked the […]

The Last Ship: An in-depth look at the latest expansion for the Final Fantasy VII series

IGN has partnered with Square Enix for a deep dive into the upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy VIII.The Last Ship is the first expansion to be released since the game’s launch on February 27, 2015.It features the final two bosses of the game: Leviathan and the legendary Leviathan as well as new mechanics such as […]

Why drones are here to stay

In the years since the invention of the unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), the number of drones hovering over our skies has increased exponentially.And, as drone technology continues to evolve and improve, so has the technology that goes into making and flying them.Today, the United States is home to over 70 percent of all drones in […]

How to get a cruise to work

The cruise system is the biggie of the new cruise pilot program.It’s what’s needed to make the new system more accessible to cruise ships, especially those with large, long-term cruise schedules.Cruises can now book from a smart device like a smartphone.This way, if something goes wrong, you don’t have to get up at 3 a.m. […]

How to fix cruise pilot issue

A series of issues, including an issue with the system’s flight model and the need for a firmware update to fix the issues, have led to the cancellation of the cruise pilot program in the Indian Navy, a source told the Times of Indian on Thursday.The issue that led to its cancellation was the piloting […]

What cruise ship’s systems are the most important?

By Steve SpanglerPosted November 12, 2018 07:48:09A cruise ship captain has some big questions for the industry, but not all of them are easy.One of those questions concerns what kind of systems are needed to make sure passengers aren’t getting sick and dying on the ship.A cruise-liner crewmember is usually the first person on the […]