The ‘cruiser speaker system’ of the future could make supercruise even more enjoyable: study

A new report from the Institute for Advanced Transportation and Systems Design (IATSD) looks at what supercruises could be like in the near future.The authors of the report, which focuses on passenger car technology, predict the future of supercruisers will involve “more robust and intelligent systems,” adding that this could include “batteries, computers, sensors, and […]

The GOP’s latest strategy for keeping the ACA intact is to try to sell it to voters as a solution to Obamacare’s problems

The Republican party has adopted a plan to replace Obamacare with an alternative that would leave most of its major health-care features intact.The strategy is a reversal of what the party is supposed to do for the first few years of the ACA’s existence.Republicans in Congress have spent the last six years promising to repeal […]

Which cruise ships are really cruise ships?

Cruises are now part of the ocean and the crew is flying the ship.But are they really ships?¬†Cruises have been around since the mid-20th century and they have changed a lot over time.¬†We are all familiar with the term cruise ship.The name comes from the fact that the ships carry the passengers and cargo that […]

When you want the best bang for your buck, you can get a wireless system cruise from the carrier

When you get your wireless system for the first time, you might think you’re ready to make a purchase, but you probably don’t know how much you’ll be spending on your next trip.While there are always good reasons to go wireless, there are some major drawbacks to go for a wireless device and some reasons […]

How cruise ships and airliners are getting smarter

Cruises, planes and helicopters are getting more sophisticated and smarter, but the air traffic controllers who manage them have yet to catch up.The Air Traffic Controllers Association of America says cruise ships, planes, and helicopters should be equipped with sensors to allow them to detect more threats, including drones.They want to use these capabilities to […]

Solar sail technology could make your cruise ship systems a lot less expensive

Cruise lines are exploring a range of solar sails to replace traditional power sources and reduce the costs of ship maintenance and operations.Cruise lines have also begun exploring the possibility of making their cruise ships run on solar energy.Solar sails are devices that use sunlight to power a sail.These solar sails, called solar sail systems, […]

New cruiser speaker systems for $6.8M in the US, Canada and Australia: CBC News

A new speaker system has been unveiled by British Columbia-based firm Arcus Audio, and it’s designed to improve audio quality and performance by 20 per cent over current speaker systems.The Arcus System 4, designed to deliver a “full sound” experience with a 10 per cent reduction in background noise, is available now for $2.5 million.It […]

Cruise ships are not going away, but they’re not the only airliners at risk

Cruise ships have seen a steady decline in the number of passengers they can carry as air travel has boomed.The industry-wide trend, which has been linked to the spread of the coronavirus, is not expected to stop.But the industry’s leaders say the future is bright for passenger air travel and they’re prepared to try to […]

When is cruise control coming to the Virgin Atlantic and what’s it going to cost?

Cruises are going the way of the plane seat, and in a few years, it’s likely we’ll be able to put a seatbelt on any of our loved ones, too.Cruise control, meanwhile, is not going to be coming to any of the world’s airlines anytime soon.But that doesn’t mean it’s off the table.We asked the […]

Cruise booking system for Canadian cruise ships, cabin crew, cabin life, cabin maintenance

Cruise booking systems have been a major part of Canadian cruise fleets for decades.But recently, cruise operators have been working on new systems, including cabin life management systems (CALMs) that help cruise ship crews and cabin crew members live in the comfort of their own homes and make daily life decisions that are independent of […]