When: September 29, 2019, 7:00 p.m. Pacific, 11:00 a.m., and 3:00 b.m.; 2:00 c.m.-6:00 d.m.: AEGIS system cruiser

The Aegis system cruisers of AEGis Alliance and AEGIs Cruiser Alliance are set to be retired in 2018, with the former being replaced by the Aegis Shield system cruiser.AEGIS Cruiser Alliance is the largest of the Aegi system cruiser families, and is responsible for providing support to all Aegis Alliance ships.Aegis Cruiser Alliance ships include […]

Cruise control systems: What you need to know

How cruise control systems work cruise control is a system that automatically switches from cruise control mode to emergency mode when an emergency occurs.In this mode, the cruise control screen and instrument panel are blanked out and the engine will be running.The cruise control panel will show a green warning light and a green arrow […]

Cruise line to test autonomous cruise system on cruise ships

A cruise line is expected to test a self-driving cruise system, which will be installed on a ship, on a long-haul route that carries passengers from New York to the Caribbean.The system, called Aegis Cruise Navigation, is expected by the end of this year on a cruise ship that’s currently in service.The new system, developed […]

How to check if your cruise ship is in danger of a breach

You might have heard about the $20,000-a-day cruise system for passengers, but is that really the case?If it is, you may want to look for it and not the $5,000 cruise boat you’re considering buying.The cruise ships used by cruise ships are all fitted with a cruise control system that’s meant to help keep the […]

The ship that could be the first spacecraft to reach Mars.

The first of a new generation of spacecraft to land on Mars, a ship that has never been seen before and a crew of people who will live on Mars for more than a year.A crew of four astronauts will live aboard the SLS rocket that will launch the SES-11 spacecraft from Cape Canaveral, Florida.The […]

Cruise reservation system mare’s data leak has caused huge problems for mares

Cruise reservation systems have suffered a major data leak, causing them to malfunction and potentially causing animals to die.According to a statement from the Cruise Reservation Systems (CRS) that operates the reservation system in Australia, the data leak was discovered in December, and has led to major problems with the system and its operation.“It is […]

‘Oracle Cruise Systems’ to launch cruise tracking system in 2018

The Oracle Cruise System is set to launch in 2018, the company announced.The company, based in Singapore, has been working on the cruise tracking technology for the last few years.It was revealed last year that the cruise tracker would be used for mapping and navigation on the Royal New Zealand Navy’s newest frigates, the USS […]

Why it’s time to give up cruise ships and move to a low-carbon lifestyle

A new report says that the cruise ship industry is at a crossroads, and the solution may lie in a new technology called “bicycle-sharing.”According to a report by the International Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN), there are approximately 30 million bicycles in the world, and only 30% of them are being used to […]

When the cruise ship goes silent, Japan’s Cruise Control System gets a new upgrade

Japan’s cruise control system got a new software update, which makes it easier for passengers to check onboard information.The cruise control unit in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture has gotten a new “cruise-in” feature.The cruise-in feature was added in 2018, the Cruise Control Unit was upgraded in 2019, and now it will be a new feature for […]

When you can’t see your cruise ship: Why you should check your cruise system

When you want to know the exact location of your cruise, you’ll need to look up a GPS.The GPS, or Global Positioning System, is a standard system that allows users to track your vessel from a variety of sources.While some may not be as accurate as a GPS receiver, a GPMeter can provide a useful […]