When an airline flies the wrong way, how to avoid it

Al Jazeera America’s special coverage of the cruise ship industry is based on the most current data.We’ll try to answer questions about what to look out for when you book a cruise, how cruise lines operate, what to expect when you’re on a cruise ship, and more.Today, we look at the new cruise ship operator, […]

The Super Cruise System, which is a big part of cruise ship traffic and entertainment, is now a cruise air system

Cruise Air Systems is a cruise vehicle manufacturer and the owner of the Super Cruise system.This system is a large-screen display that allows you to interact with cruise passengers via voice commands.If you are a cruise passenger, this system can be a big help.It is the same kind of technology that helps you interact with […]

How to fix your cruise control and cruise performance issues

Tom Cruise, the founder of the Cruise Air Systems Alliance, has posted on his personal blog that the problems are widespread and include cruise performance problems in the new Cruisair cruise control.Cruise, who has been on a number of international cruises and has previously said he would retire from the sport if it was not […]

Cruise lines looking to replace $1.3B in satellite technology

Cruise lines are looking to ditch satellite navigation and GPS systems that have proven to be hugely costly in the last few years, and they’re getting creative.Cruise lines are also taking the next step in the space of space exploration and developing their own “space weather” systems.“We’re not going to be able to have a […]

Why is the world’s most famous cruise ship so expensive? Here’s why:

From the looks of things, a new cruise ship might be the most expensive one ever built.A new world-class cruise ship that costs $500 million to build, and it’s going to be sailing to a foreign country and a whole bunch of people for a couple of days of pleasure.That’s the crux of the issue.What’s […]