The Aurora Cruise Technologies, Inc. (ACT) announced its plans to bring its cruise-cruise technology to the U.S. in 2017.

Aurora will begin shipping its cruise systems to cruise-ship owners in the fall of 2017.

The Aurora cruise system utilizes a “super cruise” technology which allows a ship to maintain a constant speed while maintaining the desired “cruise” experience for passengers and crew.

ACT said that it will use the technology on the Aurora’s first passenger ship, the Aurora.

The cruise technology also allows cruise-sailing vessels to use their cruising range to reach speeds of up to 100 knots (124 mph) in an area with no surface winds, the company said.

The company also said that the Aurora cruise technology will be used in the Aurora Aurora Class of Cruises.ACT will use Aurora cruise systems for cruise ships that will have the “cruisair” capability, which will be the ability to maintain speed while flying through “wind-free zones.”

It will also include cruise-drive systems which allow the ship to steer and maneuver through “extreme wind” zones, according to ACT.

In a statement, Aurora CEO Rob Bell said that he was “very excited” about the Aurora, but noted that it would require a lot of additional technology to make it commercially viable.

The Aurora will be built by Aurora, which is based in California, according the statement.

The company will also use Aurora to test the Aurora class of cruise ships, according ACT’s statement.

ACX, which owns Aurora, is a joint venture between Aurora and ACT that also builds the Aurora Cruises cruise line.ACX said in a statement that it was working on Aurora technology for its Aurora Class cruises and said that a commercial launch is “likely within the next few months.”

ACX is also developing a “mini cruise” that will be a sub-class of the Aurora Class, which includes a submersible version of the cruise ship and a mini-turbine.

AC X has yet to announce plans for its new cruise ship.

The new Aurora class will be made up of two ships.

The first is the Aurora LX, which was announced in September 2018.

The second is the A.C.C., which will feature a super-turbo technology, according Aurora.

The cruise ships will feature “full-scale solar arrays” to allow them to reach the surface of the moon.