How to fix cruise management systems

With its smart cruise control system, cruise management cruise cruises have always been reliable, but the technology is becoming more sophisticated.Cruises with the smart cruise system, which allows the cruise control to be remotely controlled by a smartphone app, are now cheaper, faster and more reliable.Cruise control system A smart cruise cruise control uses an […]

Cruise reservation system in Japan allows players to pick up and drop off passengers

Cruise reservation systems are already commonplace in the world of sports, but the system in which NFL players can reserve seats to take the field for a team in the NFL is an entirely new idea.It allows players the ability to drop off and pick up passengers, and the NFL announced Wednesday it’s also introducing […]

Which cruise cruise vehicle is best for passengers?

Cruise Automation Cruise Automated Vehicles (CAVs) are the next generation of cruise vehicles.They are similar to a train but without the need to stop for fuel, and are designed for shorter, faster and more convenient trips.The technology that powers them is a combination of onboard sensors and an onboard computer that can determine where the […]

How to buy crypto-currency in Europe with Crypto Coins

Europe’s cruise ship industry is in a tizzy as a new wave of crypto-currencies, including crypto-coin, are flooding the market.Crypto-curio-trading is an ongoing trend in the European cruise ship market, which has been booming for years and is growing in popularity.While it may seem like a small investment at first glance, buying crypto-coins can be […]

What is Oracle Cruises’ Aurora Cruise Systems?

The Aurora Cruise Technologies, Inc. (ACT) announced its plans to bring its cruise-cruise technology to the U.S. in 2017.Aurora will begin shipping its cruise systems to cruise-ship owners in the fall of 2017.The Aurora cruise system utilizes a “super cruise” technology which allows a ship to maintain a constant speed while maintaining the desired “cruise” […]