Which is the best cruise-to-cruise navigation system?

The question is one that’s gotten a lot of flack in recent years, and it comes down to what cruise ships use to steer them.Cruise ships use GPS systems to determine where they are and what direction they need to go in.A cruise ship’s GPS system is built to use the ship’s speed, current speed, […]

Which is the best ship for cruise?

When the United States began building its first cruise ships in the 1960s, there was one thing that set them apart: they were powered by engines made of solid iron.This made them nearly impossible to attack by aircraft, and they were built to last for decades, not just decades.Today, cruise ships are a much bigger […]

How to Cruise the Cruise Ship Challenge

The world’s first cruise ship cruise system is about to launch, and it’s set to change the way ships travel.The Cruise Ship Safety System, or SCS, is a lightweight, portable navigation system that’s built on an existing technology.The SCS has the same basic design as the SCS from 2017’s Blue Ocean, but it’s powered by […]

Why is Cruise’s new solar-powered cruise ship the perfect solution for people in low-Earth orbit?

Posted October 13, 2018 06:06:53When you think about how much the U.S. has sunk into space and how far we have traveled, you might think that the United States is already pretty advanced.And that’s a fair assessment.After all, we have spent billions of dollars to build a space station, launch satellites into orbit, and send […]