NEW DELHI: Cruise ship owner Indian Ocean Cruise Line (IOCL) is set to launch its flagship Super Cruise System in 2019 with the help of a special propulsion module and a new generation of propulsion engines.

The company is set for its maiden voyage with the system in 2019, with the propulsion module being the first step to making the system commercially viable.

“The first ship of the Super Cruise system is scheduled to be built and commissioned in 2019,” the company said in a statement on Wednesday.

“The new propulsion module will be installed on the ship and will have two large turbine engines and two smaller turbine engines.

This will enable the ship to carry more than 100,000 tonnes of cargo,” the statement said.

The ship will also be fitted with new propulsion technology.

“This new propulsion system will enable to move the ship up to a cruising speed of over 2,200kmph (1,800mph) which is a very fast speed for a container ship,” the spokesperson said.

A crew of about 600 is expected to work aboard the vessel, the spokesperson added.

The system will be designed to operate from the coast of India to the Pacific Ocean in a period of about 12 hours.

“As per our engineering calculations, the Super cruise system will produce more than 3.5 billion tonnes of maritime freight annually in the shortest time period of any container ship.”

This will increase the cargo capacity of the ship from around 6 million tonnes to over 14 million tonnes annually,” the spokesman said.IOCCL said it is in talks with several shipping firms and shipping unions for the ship, including the National Maritime Union of India (NMU), Indian Shipping Association, Indian Cruise Line, Maritime Navigation Society of India and the Shipyard Association of India.

IOCCL has signed an agreement with the NMU, which it said will provide the first stage of the project with a berth at a shipping terminal in Chennai.

The vessel will be launched on the company’s flagship vessel, which has been designed and built at the shipyard in Bangalore.

The announcement comes days after a new version of the company ship, the INS Vikramaditya, was inducted into the Indian Navy.

The INS Vikrant, which is the world’s largest ship, is currently undergoing testing on the coast and is expected for the Indian fleet to join the fleet in 2019.