Japan’s cruise control system got a new software update, which makes it easier for passengers to check onboard information.

The cruise control unit in Japan’s Yamanashi Prefecture has gotten a new “cruise-in” feature.

The cruise-in feature was added in 2018, the Cruise Control Unit was upgraded in 2019, and now it will be a new feature for all the ships.

This comes in two versions.

First, there’s the “cruisetheory” version, which will let passengers keep track of the cruise speed.

This will be called “cruzefor a period of time,” which is the cruise time.

The second version will allow passengers to manually record the speed and duration.

This can be used to see if the cruise is safe.

The update for the cruise control units comes in the form of a new update.

The new version is called “Cruise-In.”

The cruise control is now able to record and send information via voice and data.

The ship’s onboard computers will now also be able to respond to commands from onboard systems.

This is called a “cruising data transmission,” and it’s being made possible because the cruise-control system in Japan was recently upgraded, according to The Associated Press.

This is the first time that a cruise control has been upgraded in Japan, and it is a big step forward for cruise control.

Previous upgrades included the ability to manually keep track and track the ship’s speed, and a new mode to keep track at sea, which is called the “ship’s cruising speed.”

Japan’s ships are designed to be able go anywhere from 30 to 70 knots.

The ships are also being upgraded in terms of navigation systems, which includes improved navigation lights.

The ships have also received improved technology to increase the efficiency of onboard systems like the cabin pressure.

The systems were upgraded to handle more cargo, and are being updated for improved cruise performance.

The Yamanaka Prefecture is located in the far northeast of Japan.

Its main island is a resort town, and there are some hotels and a hotel resort that has a spa.

There are also resorts in other parts of the country.