The Aegis system cruisers of AEGis Alliance and AEGIs Cruiser Alliance are set to be retired in 2018, with the former being replaced by the Aegis Shield system cruiser.AEGIS Cruiser Alliance is the largest of the Aegi system cruiser families, and is responsible for providing support to all Aegis Alliance ships.

Aegis Cruiser Alliance ships include the Aegislash, Aegis Lancer, Aegislashes main cruiser, Aegi-class frigates, Aegid-class battlecruisers, Aegidas flagship, and Aegidas cruiser.

The Aegi cruiser fleet was recently restructured, with Aegis cruiser ships being replaced with Aegi systems cruiser ships, which were originally fielded by AEGI.

Aegis Shield was designed for fleets of ships, rather than individual ship classes.

The design of the shield is based around a hull-mounted plasma projector, and a beam cannon that fires beams at the front of the ship.

The ship is also equipped with two large beam cannons on the ship’s lower hull, allowing it to launch torpedoes.

The Aegis shield is a system ship that was developed by Aegis Corporation.

It was designed as a defensive weapon to shield Aegis ships from hostile ships in the field.

The system is used to shield ships and support infrastructure from Aegis fighters and destroyers.

Aegi ships are capable of deflecting large amounts of kinetic energy, such as missiles and large warheads, with a very low cost.

AEGISA system cruiser ships include Aegis-class ships and Aegis Cruisers.