Posted May 12, 2019 07:54:17The Super Cruise Systems cruiser USS Aegish (DDG 71) launched its Aegis system cruise management system (CMS) on Wednesday, May 12th, 2019, after more than two years of development.

The ship’s Commander in Chief, Admiral Mark Welsh, presented the Aegis program to the press and invited the public to join in the celebration.

The Aegis is a new type of unmanned aircraft that will allow warships to conduct advanced surveillance, strike, and defense capabilities with an unparalleled level of agility.

The Navy will have eight Aegis vessels in the fleet, which includes a Navy destroyer and two Navy aircraft carriers.

The Aegis will be equipped with a variety of sensors, including the Aegimetric Imaging System (AIS) that will be used to track and identify threats on the seas, the Aegislash anti-submarine missile, and Aegis Aegis Target Management System (ATMS) that provides critical information to the ship’s commanders on where, where and when to engage and destroy threats.

In addition to the Aegi system, the ship will also be equipped by the USS Aegislat, which is the second Aegis ship built by the U.S. Navy, after the USS Kidd.

The Commander in Captain (CIC) for the Aegish, Adm.

Peter Harkness, praised the ship for its new capability and stated that it is the Navy’s most advanced anti-ship system.

The launch was conducted by the Aegise Command Facility at the Naval Weapons Station (NWS) in Virginia, which has been providing Aegis service to the Navy since May 2018.

The system is scheduled to be ready for its first operational deployment in 2019, and the Aegistructures Center at Naval Station Norfolk, Virginia, will provide the AegIS ship with the technology for its operations.

“The Aegislast is an entirely new capability,” Harknesses said.

“It will be the most advanced maritime security system ever built.”

The Aegish is a unique piece of U.N. technology that will enable the Navy to provide the highest level of operational security, including cyber-defence capabilities, in the oceans.

In order to use the Aegiss system, warships must be equipped, maintainable, and in a state of readiness.

The ship is expected to be in service by 2021, with the first Aegis deployments to come later in 2021.