The Oracle Cruise System is set to launch in 2018, the company announced.

The company, based in Singapore, has been working on the cruise tracking technology for the last few years.

It was revealed last year that the cruise tracker would be used for mapping and navigation on the Royal New Zealand Navy’s newest frigates, the USS Kidd and the USS Wasp.

The Oracle was formed by Singaporean entrepreneur and former Singapore Navy chief Admiral Sukh Heng Thien, along with former Singapore navy chief Admiral Lee Hock Wong.

The firm will manufacture and sell the system to Singaporean naval vessels, including the navy’s frigates.

The cruise tracker, which has been on sale in Singapore since 2015, will allow ships to map their own navigation and track their ship’s position with GPS, or beacons, to the ship’s onboard navigation system, or a combination of both.

The technology is already being used by a number of other navies around the world.

A fleet of four American submarines that sailed into the Pacific in 2020 are based on the Oracle.

The ORC has been developing the cruise system for more than three years, according to The Hindu.

The system is expected to be ready for its maiden voyage by the end of 2021, according a press release.

This article originally appeared on The Hindu and has been republished with permission.