By Chris DicksonPosted November 17, 2018 05:57:21 Cruise automation systems can save lives, improve efficiency and reduce accidents by reducing the need for more human crewmembers, experts said Monday.

While some cruise ships have automated systems, they can’t do everything cruise operators want automated systems to do.

The cruise industry has struggled to keep up with the technology.

“The technology is moving faster than the people, so there’s always a need to upgrade,” said Michael C. Cavanagh, president of Cruise Lines, a company that manages cruise lines.

The problem, he said, is that cruise lines don’t have the money to make the upgrades.

“It’s very difficult to maintain a fleet of ships that are operating at capacity at a very low cost.

They have to have people to operate the ship,” Cavanag said.

Cruise ships have been plagued by maintenance problems and poor safety standards.

A new cruise ship is due to leave the port of San Diego, Calif., in 2018.

The hull of the new ship has a corroded roof and has problems with electrical wiring, electrical outlets and the engine room, according to a report by the Government Accountability Office.

The government agency says the problems are “extremely concerning,” and that “the Coast Guard has been asked to address the issues” on a “case-by-case basis.”

The cruise ships that operate in international waters have also faced problems.

In 2014, the government agency said the Costa Concordia, the world’s worst cruise liner, suffered a fatal collision with a passenger ship in October that killed a passenger and five crew members.

The Costa Concordio is still in transit, awaiting repairs.

A Coast Guard spokesperson said in a statement that a crew member was killed and seven were injured in the accident on a vessel off the coast of Southern California.

In 2016, the Costa Cruises ship the RMS Courage was hit by a ship while on a mission in the Gulf of Mexico.

The Costa Concordias ship was carrying about 1,500 people when it ran aground off the Florida coast in January, according a U.S. Coast Guard report.

The ship was later recovered and the crew was not injured.

The Coast Guard said in the report that the incident involved a “poor maintenance program and inadequate communication between the captain and crew.”

The Costa Cruisics ship was undergoing an overhaul and a replacement ship was being built, the company said.