Amazon’s Cruise Line said on Thursday that its cruise ships could be in short supply as part of its efforts to reduce prices.

“The company’s cruise ships are in short stock supply and we are looking at the possibility of a short supply at some point in the future,” a spokesperson said in a statement to Reuters news agency.

“We are working hard to reduce the inventory on our ships, and as such, the availability of Amazon cruise ships will be a factor in determining when we will have them available for customers.”

In May, the company told customers that it had been adding 1,500 cruise ships a week, but it said at the time that it planned to keep them available at current prices.

The statement said it was not clear when Amazon would have ships available for the holiday season.

Amazon ships, known in the industry as ECUs, can be booked on its website, through its app, and in the carrier’s cabin.

The company also uses a fleet of Amazon ships to ferry orders to customers in the United States, as well as Europe and Japan.

The company has faced criticism over the way it operates its fleet.

Last year, Amazon reported a sharp decline in orders, prompting the company to temporarily halt shipping to customers.

Amazon has faced increasing competition from rivals like Apple, as the tech giant expands its offering of apps, including Amazon Video and the Kindle e-reader, and its Kindle app, as its own.

In June, the Amazon Echo smart speaker launched in India, but a week later it was pulled from the country due to high demand, leaving many customers in India to make do with the Google Home, a digital assistant.