A cruise tracker system from the cruise industry’s alliance, which provides data to cruise ships, has been hacked by the Chinese military and its cyber army, according to a report by the U.S.-based Cruise Threat Alliance.

The Alliance’s chief executive, Steve Jones, told the Associated Press on Tuesday that the breach was “a major setback” for the cruise tracking industry, which has seen its own systems targeted.

“We’re at a tipping point where it’s hard to say how much further the cruise system is going to slide.

If we’re not prepared for this, we’re going to be at a huge loss,” Jones said.

Jones said the breach occurred between March 20 and April 11, and that the Alliance had “zero tolerance” for hacking.

Cruise tracking system’s fleet of 2,000 vessels, which operates over 50 vessels in more than 50 countries, includes more than 100 cruise ships in both domestic and international markets.

Cruise ships, which are the largest passenger fleet in the world, employ more than 20,000 people worldwide.

Cruise industry has been under intense scrutiny after China launched its first-ever cyberattack in 2014, targeting the U-shaped Aegis Ashore system that was used by U.K. military vessels.

In February 2017, China launched another attack, this time targeting the Aegis Defeat System (ADS), an electronic warfare system, which ships use to communicate with one another and to avoid detection.

This is the first time China has used its military to hack a cruise system, according the report by The New York Times.

The Chinese government has said it will “investigate” the hack, which it attributed to an unspecified nation state.

“China’s cyber military has demonstrated its ability to attack other nations’ civilian and military systems, and the Chinese government must take steps to prevent its military from conducting such cyber attacks,” the report said.

The alliance, whose members include the United States, Germany, Japan, France, and Russia, says it will continue to work with the Chinese to find a solution.