A cruise line is expected to test a self-driving cruise system, which will be installed on a ship, on a long-haul route that carries passengers from New York to the Caribbean.

The system, called Aegis Cruise Navigation, is expected by the end of this year on a cruise ship that’s currently in service.

The new system, developed by Cruise, will replace human-operated systems that the company says are prone to “unexpectedly high levels of noise, vibration, and vibration-induced injuries.”

The system has the potential to reduce the number of injuries from cruise ship collisions, the cruise line said in a statement.

“The Aegis system eliminates the need for human interaction during cruise operations and eliminates the possibility of the ship being lost or overturned while using Aegis cruise systems,” the cruise operator said.

“With this new technology, cruise ships can now use Aegis systems with confidence, allowing for safer and more frequent ocean travel.”

The Aegis Systems can operate autonomously, cruise line officials said.

The cruise line has also announced plans to expand its use of the Aegis Navigation system, to include some new ship classes.

The company is working on a new class of cruise ships called Aegiscreet, which is intended for long-distance trips.

“We will work with the U.S. Coast Guard to explore and expand Aegis’ capabilities on a wide range of ships, including some that have never been tested before,” the company said.

Cruise line officials did not say when the Aegiscrestreet would be introduced.