The White House on Friday acknowledged that it will soon need to deploy a missile defense system that could protect against ballistic missiles from Iran and North Korea.

The Pentagon said the system will be deployed to the Pacific region and Europe, in part to counter ballistic missiles that could potentially hit U.S. soil.

“We have to protect the American people,” Pentagon press secretary Dana White said.

White said that the deployment would be “very much in line with what our allies and partners have agreed on.”

But the system, known as the Aegis Ashore system, is already deployed to other countries in Europe and Asia.

Critics have raised concerns about the system’s effectiveness and whether it could be used against Iran and Pyongyang.

President Trump has previously called for a missile shield to protect against threats from North Korea and has promised to build a $1 trillion missile defense shield that would cover the entire U.N. border.

Trump has also called for missile defense systems at Japan’s southern coast and in Europe, and has pledged to buy up to 6,000 missiles for the United States.

But his administration has not yet confirmed a location for the AegIS Ashore.

Last month, White House spokesman Josh Earnest said that a decision on whether to purchase or build the system would be made by the end of the year.

A White House official said Friday that Trump and his advisers were considering the Aegiss Ashore as part of a broader defense strategy.

In a statement Friday, White Senate aide Mike Casca said that Trump has “been discussing this option for some time.”

“I’m confident that the President is determined to ensure that the United State has the strongest and most effective deterrent in the world,” Casca wrote.