U.S. citizens can enjoy free solar power through their cruise reservation system for a fraction of what it costs for a traditional cruise.

The Solar Power Alliance, a nonprofit, nonprofit advocacy group, announced Monday that it has been awarded $1.1 billion by the U.K. government to expand the solar-powered fleet of cruise ships to the U-K.

The first cruise ships that will offer solar power will travel between London and Liverpool, and will offer more than 12 gigawatts of solar power.

The solar panels on the solar ships will provide about 30 percent of the ship’s energy consumption, according to Solar Power UK, which runs the program.

Solar power is a renewable resource, meaning that its use can be offset by other renewable sources such as hydroelectricity.

The alliance says that the new cruise ships will not only offer clean energy to British tourists, but also to British residents.

It says the new ships will have more solar panels per square foot than those used in other luxury cruise ships, such as the Alitalia.

The new ships also will offer free parking to British drivers, which will be available for about 10 years.

The alliance hopes that the solar program will generate revenue for the government that will be used to provide new solar panels and other infrastructure to promote the UK.