The US Airways passenger jet fleet will be replaced by a new Airbus A320neo family by 2019, the carrier announced Tuesday.

The new jets, dubbed the A320-900, will replace the A321neo and the A319neo.

In addition, the A330-400 will replace all three of the A310-800 and the all three A320s.

US Airways is also expected to acquire the French-built A330neo-200 for its fleet, which will be able to carry about 5,500 passengers, according to the company.

Airlines that already have the A380 and the Airbus A380s will be the first to buy the new jets.

For passengers, the Airbus-designed A320 will have a range of 7,400 miles (14,500 kilometers) and carry 1,000 people, according the company, and the new A320 can carry 3,200 people, the company said.

At the same time, the new aircraft will offer “improved comfort, greater flexibility and better connectivity than current passenger jetliners,” according to US Airways.

“The A320 is a more agile aircraft, lighter, and more fuel-efficient,” said Chris Gurney, US Airways president and CEO.

This means it can fly faster, climb higher, and take off and land with less fuel.

Its seats are spacious, its seats are more comfortable and its seats don’t have a tendency to tip over, he added.

Airbus also said the new jet will be more reliable than current A320 planes, and it will offer a “more secure and reliable journey” by having a stronger wing and more advanced avionics.

As the new planes enter service, the airline will also sell new Boeing 737 MAX and Boeing 737 Maxx planes.

United Airlines and Delta Air Lines, which already fly A320 jets, are also expected buy the A340s.

The A330 is a larger version of the Airbus 330, which is currently used by United Airlines and the United Kingdom’s Air Traffic Control and has been flying since the 1970s.

The A320 uses the Boeing 737-800 engines that can carry up to 4,400 passengers.