IGN has partnered with Square Enix for a deep dive into the upcoming expansion for Final Fantasy VIII.

The Last Ship is the first expansion to be released since the game’s launch on February 27, 2015.

It features the final two bosses of the game: Leviathan and the legendary Leviathan as well as new mechanics such as the Leviathan-centric “Fierce Leviathan” and the Leviathan Knight class.

Players will be able to explore the game world by selecting from a number of new ships, including the Black Dragon, the Red Chocobo, and the Crystal Wing.

You can check out a detailed look at what to expect in the video above.

There’s a lot to take in at this point, and I’ll get into more detail below.

For now, however, I’ll give you a rundown on the expansions.

For starters, there’s the Leviathan ship that will allow you to sail to new locations in the game and use the Leviathan class to take down bosses.

Players will be forced to use the ability to dodge and use attacks that they’re not familiar with as they progress through the game.

For instance, you might not be able take down a boss using your “Axe” attacks and instead try to attack it from above using the Leviathan Ship.

There will also be new abilities that will make the Leviathan more deadly, including its ability to use its claws to attack and inflict damage.

There’s also a new ability called the “Grim Reaper,” which is essentially a giant mechanical sword that can be swung at your opponents to deal extra damage.

As for the Leviathan classes, players will be given access to the Leviathan Knights class that has a lot of new abilities to unlock.

They include a “Fury of the Leviathan” attack, which can inflict a lot more damage to enemies and inflict additional debuffs.

You’ll also have the option to choose between the Leviathan or the Leviathan Sword.

Finally, there are new weapons for the player to unlock that can either be used to attack enemies, block attacks, or use as a secondary attack.

There are also new items that can also be purchased that can provide additional damage or increase the health of your ship.

For example, the “Crown of the Black Leviathan” can deal massive damage to an enemy and increase the attack power of your Leviathan Knight.

Players can also unlock new “Titan Medals” to unlock special equipment that players can use to boost their Leviathan’s stats.

These include the “Ember Armor,” which gives a buff to your Leviathan’s attack power and gives the Leviathan a buff when attacking enemies.

Finally, the Leviathan can use “Valkyrie Armor” which is a shield that boosts the Leviathan’s defense and attack power.

The Leviathan Knight can use the “Vulcan Armor” that increases the Leviathan knight’s defense.

The Leviathan ships have a unique weapon called the Valkyries Claw, which is basically a claw that can deal more damage than most other weapons, including some of the other Leviathan weapons.

These weapons are used by the Leviathan to fight against each other and also to attack enemy ships.

The “Valkyries” also have a secondary effect that increases their attack power, which you can use as an alternative attack.

The “Elder Leviathan” class is another new class that players will unlock in the expansion.

It has the ability of creating the “Nexus” ability, which increases the damage of your attacks and the defense of your enemies.

The other new classes are “Vanguard Leviathan,” which increases your speed and the ability for you to use your abilities faster, and “Vengeful Leviathan,” that is the final boss of the expansion and gives players an extra chance to take out bosses.

Here are a few of the new mechanics:The “Fiery Leviathan” is the ultimate boss in the Leviathan fight, which makes its appearance at the end of the battle and is the hardest boss in Final Fantasy Tactics.

It can inflict massive damage, and it’s a great opportunity to take a few hits before the final battle.

The battle will also last a short time.

The ability “Leviathan-Climber” lets you climb on top of Leviathan-class enemies and attack them with attacks from the front.

You may need to jump to land on top or jump on a platform in order to perform this attack.

You’ll also find a “Vicious Leviathan” ability that increases damage and speed and can also increase the damage and health of the enemies.

You should be able use the attack to take some hits before it deals the final blow.

The last boss will have the ability “Vital Leviathan,” so you’ll need to use this ability to survive for a long time.

You can use your new abilities from the Leviathan ships to perform a variety of different attacks.

Players can use their “Axtinguisher” ability to take damage and restore some health.

You will also find “Seal of the Emperor,” which lets you heal for the health you lost by using it. You