A new speaker system has been unveiled by British Columbia-based firm Arcus Audio, and it’s designed to improve audio quality and performance by 20 per cent over current speaker systems.

The Arcus System 4, designed to deliver a “full sound” experience with a 10 per cent reduction in background noise, is available now for $2.5 million.

It includes a custom-designed, full-size speaker cabinet with a 2.5-meter-tall woofer and 2.2-meter high-frequency driver, plus an amplifier for 10 watts of amplification.

The system uses a “high-performance tweeter and tweeter-driven amplifier with high-resolution crossover, providing a total output power of 80 watts per channel, making it one of the most powerful speakers available today,” according to Arcus.

The speaker system also includes a microphone jack for microphone input, and an integrated, built-in mic, allowing users to control the volume of their audio.

The audio system was created to provide “audio quality comparable to a premium studio audio system,” according the company, which also offers “audio-based audio design solutions.”

The Arcus system can output “up to 50 Wpc of power to the amplifier and up to 2 Wpc to the speaker cabinets, providing an overall sound quality of up to 50 dB,” according Arcus’ website.

The company also describes the System 4 as a “proprietary product,” which means that the system is not being sold to the public.

Arcus CEO Ian Fenton said the system offers “a very powerful speaker system,” which he says is “completely customizable and highly configurable to suit the needs of a variety of audio systems.”

“Our speaker systems are designed to perform in the extreme, offering an absolute premium audio experience that can be reproduced in the most demanding environments,” he said.

Fenton also pointed out that the Arcus speaker system is the first to incorporate a built- in mic and that it has been designed to be used with other audio products such as the DTS-HD Master Audio X7.

“These systems are extremely versatile and offer a number of unique audio effects that are highly configurable,” Fenton wrote in a press release.

“With the Arces System 4 you can create custom sound effects for your music that are simply a few clicks away.”

While the speaker system’s high-end features may be impressive, the company notes that the speakers aren’t meant to replace a full-range audio system, which will cost around $5,000 or more.

Fenton noted that “our speaker systems will not replace high-quality audio equipment, but they can be used to complement them.”

The Arces system comes with three speaker ports, one for each channel, and there are four subwoofer channels.

A separate amplifier is included with the system, but there’s no built–in microphone jack, according to the company.

The price of the system varies according to which channels are plugged in, with the lowest-priced model for $1,200.

But there’s also an option to choose between a 4.7- and 6-inch woofer for $4,500.

Finton said that the price tag is based on the “performance, reliability and design” of the speakers.

The device is compatible with any of the major audio formats, including Dolby Atmos, DTS, DSD, and Apple’s Apple Cinema.