By John StonestreetPosted January 06, 2018 12:50amOne of the first cars the new Triumph Speed triptych was designed to celebrate the Triumph 250 is the Triumph Triumph Triple.

The Triple, in honor of the name of the triptycho (a mythical character from Japanese folklore), is the first ever Triumph triple exhaust.

While the Triumph Triple is a classic and a classic design, there are a few things that make it unique.

The Triumph Triple features a unique triple exhaust in the form of the Triumph Double Boost, which is also known as a Double Boost exhaust.

This exhaust is a modified version of the exhaust used on the original Triumph Speed, which uses an inverted twin-tube design with an adjustable exhaust manifold and a single muffler.

The exhaust also features an inverted tailpipe, a unique design that also helps to increase airflow to the exhaust system.

Another notable feature of the Triple exhaust system is the twin exhaust tips that have been used on all Triumphs from the early 500s through the last 150.

The tips are designed to help direct the exhaust airflow towards the rear of the vehicle, which has been the main goal for the Triple.

While it’s easy to see that the Triumph triple has some unique features, its all about the execution.

It’s no secret that Triumph was a car company that really wanted the customer to feel like a professional when it came to driving their Triumphs.

And that’s what the TriumphTriple exhaust is all about: delivering the right feeling.

It doesn’t matter how many times you run it, no matter how much time you put into it, the exhaust tips and exhaust system never disappoint.

The Triumph Triple exhaust also comes in different finishes: Silver, Gold, and Rose Gold.

This gives you options to customize the Triumph exhaust system to your preference, which gives the rider a wide range of choices.

It also gives the driver more control over the exhaust.

You can even customize the exhaust to match your riding style and personal preferences.

For example, some people prefer to run the Triple with an inverted front bumper, while others prefer the exhaust with a flat-top design.

This means that you can choose from either the Triumph double bumper or the Triumph single bumper.