— — Solar power is making cruise ships more efficient and making planes more efficient, and that’s a good thing.

Solar power works by converting sunlight into electricity.

That’s what makes cruise ships and planes more environmentally friendly and more efficient.

But cruise lines and other cruise-ship operators say that’s not enough.

They want more power to power planes and airplanes.

That’s why SolarPower, a company founded by a Florida entrepreneur, has teamed with cruise lines like Carnival Corp. and American Airlines Group Inc. to develop the world’s largest solar-powered passenger jetliner, the SolarPower Dreamliner.

The company has developed a system that converts sunlight into energy from two of the solar panels on a cruise ship, which the company calls a “solar battery.”

That solar battery is attached to a ship’s hull, where it can charge a power unit that can generate electricity for the plane and power the ship.

It’s powered by the sun, which means the solar battery doesn’t require a power source, and it can work in conjunction with the ship’s solar panels, said David S. Stavropoulos, CEO of SolarPower.

The solar-battery system is similar to that used on cruise ships.

A SolarPower pilot would be strapped into the passenger jet’s seat, which is connected to a solar panel and powered by an onboard solar panel.

In the future, SolarPower plans to use a solar battery on the front of each plane and a solar module mounted on the side of each ship.

SolarPower says it is in discussions with cruise operators on the possibility of selling its system.

The SolarPower SolarBattery system, a solar-based power system that uses a solar energy source, was developed by SolarPower to power a cruise passenger jet.

The technology is used in the cruise industry, as well as on the Boeing 787 Dreamliner, which SolarPower hopes to launch next year.

The Dreamliner is an airplane that is able to carry a crew of seven.