The Lockheed Martin Corporation’s Aegis Cruise Tracker System Cruiser, shown here in this undated handout photo provided by Lockheed Martin, is one of several ship designs that will be available to the U.S. Navy.

Lockheed Martin photoBy Jeff Troup, APU News.

Lockheed’s AegIS cruise tracking system cruisers, shown below, are one of a fleet of Aegis cruisers that will become available to Navy personnel beginning in 2019.

LockheedMartin photoBy David J. Phillip, APAUNews.

The Navy has a new ship-based cruise tracking technology, the Aegis system, that will allow sailors to spot threats more quickly than a typical radar.

The Aegis Cruisers are Lockheed Martin’s cruise tracking systems, shown at left.

The company says the system is the world’s largest.

LockheedMartin’s Aegisphere cruise tracking ship.

LockheedThe company is testing the Aegispheres cruise tracking radar system that it has developed for the Navy.

It is designed to be more sensitive to weather conditions and more flexible.

The radar has been tested successfully at sea and on land.

The company also has developed a new generation of its Aegis tracking system called the Aeginix.

The system is designed for ships of up to 6,000 tons, and it has been designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions.

The technology is part of the new Aegis program, which was unveiled by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus in August, and will be tested in the Navy’s new destroyer, the Nimitz-class aircraft carrier.

It will be ready for service by the end of 2021.

Lockton Marine said it will begin shipping the Aegiges cruise tracking, missile defense, and surveillance system in 2019, with a first delivery to the Navy beginning in 2021.

The first ship, the Sea Combat Assault Cruisers, will be launched in 2021, with deliveries to the other ships starting in 2022., LockheedMaritalMaritime.comNews.

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The Navy says the Navy will begin using the Aegimods cruise tracking sensor system as soon as 2018.

The system has been in use for the last five years and has seen rapid improvement over the last few years.

The sensor is designed specifically for surface warfare and has a range of up a few thousand meters.

It can track ballistic missiles, cruise missiles, land, and underwater targets.

The first ship of the Aegirids, the U-1S, is expected to enter service in 2021 and be used by the Navy as a high-speed interdiction, strike, and minehunter platform.

The Aegirid will replace the Aegipod cruise missile.

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The Pentagon plans to use Aegis for surveillance and reconnaissance missions, with the Aegitel system for ballistic missiles and the AegIS missile defense system for surface-to-air missiles.

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is developing the technology to track aircraft and ships.

Locktunes.comThe Pentagon’s Next Generation Air-to, Land-based Strike, and Missile Defense (NGA-SLAM) program is designed by Lockheed.

It includes the Aegia cruise missile defense systems, the Air-Defense Missile Defense Radar, and the Airborne Early Warning and Control System.

The program is expected be operational in 2020.