Google is adding cruise tracking and navigation to its search results, after it was launched as a free service to people who have not previously used it.

Cruise Tracker is the system that allows you to see how many miles you’ve traveled on a given day, and the total amount of time it took to get there.

To start using Cruise Tracker, go to your navigation menu on your smartphone and tap on the navigation bar.

This will show you the search results in a grid of green dots, along with a bar at the bottom of the screen that shows you how many times each dot has appeared.

The dot at the top of the search bar will say “Cruise tracker” in a block of three dots.

The first two dots are navigation directions.

The dot at each end of the navigation direction will tell you the distance you were traveling.

The dots at the ends of the direction are directions to your next destination.

The third dot is a navigation icon, that will tell the app that you need to go a specific way.

It can be a straight line, or a circle or oval.

In the first example, the first dot at an arrow pointing to your left will tell Google that you’re in the direction of Portland, Oregon.

In this example, Google is telling the app to go to Portland, Portland, and head to Portland.

The second dot is to the right of the arrow pointing towards Portland.

The next dot will tell Android to head to Seattle.

The final dot will point you towards the Seattle Center.

The cruise tracker is similar to Google Maps, which is a feature that shows the time you’ve been traveling in miles and miles per hour.

Google Maps uses a bar graph to show you where you are.

In this example the bar graph shows the average distance between the dot at a given point on the map and the dot itself.

In Google Maps this is a bar line, but in Cruise Tracker it’s a line through the dots.

This example shows you the total distance between Portland and Seattle.

As you can see, the bar is fairly narrow.

If you’re moving around and don’t want to wait for a particular dot to change, you can just turn it off.

You’ll also notice that the dot that points you towards Seattle is much bigger than the one pointing you to Portland in the example above.

In Google Maps it’s only a dot of three or four dots.

Cruiser Tracker also lets you see the current location of each dot.

This means that when you see a dot with a new address, it will tell your app to find you there.

If you don’t like Google Maps’ navigation bar, Google says it will show the navigation directions for a given location using a different bar graph.

The navigation bar will be a square and the bar will have three dots representing directions.

If the dot has a new location, the dot will change.

You can turn off Cruise Tracker’s navigation bar and navigation directions by going to the navigation menu again on your phone and tapping on the Navigation bar.

Cruising Tracker is a free update that’s coming to Android and Apple devices on the next day.

The update is currently available for the Galaxy S5, S6, and S6 edge.