A cruise control module could be the solution to getting people to use the latest and greatest technologies on the ocean, says a British manufacturer.

The Mavic Cruise Control system uses a gyroscope to detect the position of the cruise vessel in the ocean and then displays a map on a smartphone.

This could allow cruise passengers to choose the best possible cruise route and then simply switch to a new route in real time to avoid the crowds of people.

Cruise companies have used the gyro to help navigate the ocean for years, but the system is a new development by Mavics, which is developing it for the UK market.

It is one of many systems currently in development in the UK, including one that will be able to help the UK Navy detect submarines.

According to the Mavican, the cruise control technology is “at the very forefront of the commercial ocean services market” with sales expected to double by 2025.

Mavic CEO Alex Karp said that the technology could be used to improve cruise safety, increase fuel efficiency and even reduce emissions.

“Cruise control is a common sight, with people on board every time a cruise ship goes into port.

That’s where the problem lies, as people are often distracted by their smartphones and are unable to get the best view on the sea,” he said.

We have developed a range of products for the marine and maritime markets that are designed to deliver the best value for money, Mr Karp added.

 “We know how to take the most sophisticated technology from a large global manufacturer and combine it with the capabilities of the MaviGPS, the world’s leading cruise control solution.

A new cruise control feature is a first, Mavica has also been working closely with UK authorities to improve the use of its Mavicans in the wake of a series of cruise ship accidents that have killed more than 100 people.

Mavics says the new system will work on the Mavellan Mavico cruise ship.

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