A cruise shipyard that built a nuclear-powered shipyard and a jet engine factory in Florida is under fire from the Florida chapter of the Sierra Club.

The Florida chapter filed a lawsuit Tuesday against FCL Technologies, which manufactures the Atlas V rocket engine for the United Launch Alliance Atlas V 4.1 rocket, which is a variant of the ULA Atlas V 5.1.

The Sierra Club filed the suit in U.S. District Court in Orlando, Florida.

The lawsuit claims FCL has “systemically violated” Florida’s environmental laws by failing to conduct an environmental impact statement and failing to provide proper disclosure of environmental hazards.

It also alleges that the company failed to conduct proper testing of the Atlas 4 and 4.2 engines.

“FCL’s failure to provide adequate and timely environmental disclosure is a serious concern for its customers and investors,” said the lawsuit, which says FCL did not disclose to the Florida Department of Environmental Protection that its Atlas 4 engine would be used on an Atlas 4.

The company did not have a testing plan, according to the lawsuit.

The Sierra Club says the Atlas fleet has been in service for decades, and that the Atlas 5.0 engines were used on the Atlas 3.4, which was used on a number of United Launch Atlas rockets during its launch service.