A series of issues, including an issue with the system’s flight model and the need for a firmware update to fix the issues, have led to the cancellation of the cruise pilot program in the Indian Navy, a source told the Times of Indian on Thursday.

The issue that led to its cancellation was the piloting of an unmanned airship, which is not subject to the standard pilot training requirement under the Indian Air Force’s operational training program, which was set up in 2011.

The cruise pilot training program allows for a pilot to pilot a remotely piloted aircraft (RPA) for the first time.

The RPA must undergo a basic flight simulator course before it can fly in combat.

The training is based on training provided by the Air Force.

However, the RPA’s flight path is not tracked and cannot be tracked by the pilot, making the pilot unable to properly assess the situation.

“The RPA was also unable to be trained for the use of the navigation, flight control and flight control systems, and navigation and control systems were not in proper operational condition for its operation,” the source said.

The source also said that the cruise flight model, which allows for pilotless flight, was not compatible with the RPEP training requirement.

The sources said the cruise training program was scheduled to run for five years, and that a firmware upgrade would be required for the RpeP.

This, they said, would mean the RPeP would be replaced with a manual training system.

The pilot of the unmanned aircraft has been informed about the issue and is being provided training, the source added.

The Times India source added that the decision to cancel the cruise program was made because the RPIH, an aircraft trainer and the airframe that powered it were not performing well and had been in maintenance at the time of the cancellation.

The official said that while there was no direct link between the pilot and the RPF and the unmanned airships, the issue was linked to the RPD, the ground vehicle used by the RPT to transport troops and supplies to the airbase.

This has led to a situation where the RPLP was not able to be operated properly.

“It has been a matter of serious concern to the commander of the RPO and to the general commanding officers of all the units that operate RPEPs,” the official said.

“The RPD was operating without any prior maintenance.

It has been running in an unhealthy condition for a long time.

We have already informed the RPUD, which has the responsibility of operating RPEs, about this,” the second source said, adding that the airship had been at the airfield for the last few months.

The RPEF has been unable to maintain its airframe, which requires constant maintenance.

A spokesperson for the Indian Naval Forces said that although the RPN was in the final stages of its maintenance, it would be repaired.

“After the maintenance, we will have the aircraft ready to fly again,” the spokesperson said.

The Air Force has no further information about the incident, other than to say that the pilot is being monitored and is receiving medical care.