Cruise missiles, the military’s preferred weapon against enemy ships, are capable of destroying targets as small as a boat, according to new research by the US Air Force.

Cruise missiles are also capable of killing civilians and even people inside enemy vessels.

In the study published in the Journal of the Air Warfare Association, researchers from the US and UK conducted a series of tests on cruise missiles and civilian targets.

They used data from an Air Force missile testing program known as the Sea-Based Midcourse Defense (SBMD) system.

They found that cruise missiles with a range of 6,500 kilometres can destroy targets within a radius of around 1,000 kilometres.

The missiles have a maximum range of 5,000km, but they are not capable of hitting targets that large.

The missile systems used by the Air Force are called Air Defense Air Defenses (ADAD), which is designed to defend US airspace from enemy missiles.

The ADAD missiles have an electronic control system that allows them to be steered to attack targets with precision and range.

The Air Force has said that the ADAD systems were tested during the 2017 Winter Olympics, where cruise missiles were deployed against Chinese and Russian cruise missiles in the South China Sea.

While the ADAM missiles were tested, they also were subjected to a series to simulate the destruction of enemy warships, cruise missiles, cruise rockets and missiles that are launched from cruise ships.

These missiles were flown by a test pilot, which the US conducted from an altitude of 675 metres.

The pilots were asked to steer the missiles to their targets and launch the missiles at them.

The test included both the use of cruise missiles that had been tested and cruise missiles without the electronic control systems.

In total, the US tested over 4,200 cruise missiles from the ADADS system.

The researchers found that, in all cases, cruise missile missiles have the capability to destroy a target in a radius that is about 1,500km.

The authors said that, as a result, they believe that cruise missile systems are capable, as opposed to other missile systems, of defeating cruise and anti-ship missiles.

They also found that the ballistic missiles were able to penetrate most cruise and cruise-surface missiles, but were less effective against the anti-surface guided missiles, such as the KN-17.

It also appears that the cruise missiles are capable for destroying ships and aircraft, but not for destroying humans, the authors said.

The US Air Forces has been conducting cruise missile testing in waters in the Sea of Japan since the 1970s, but the latest tests are being conducted from a new facility at NAS Lemoore, California, in an effort to better protect the US Navy from cruise missiles.