Posted July 06, 2018 06:15:28The latest cruise ship is to have a cruise control system.

The International Cruises Group said the next generation cruise ship will be able to take control of up to three of its six cruise lines.

The cruise line, which has a fleet of more than 20 ships, will be called the Cruisair Group.

The name was chosen to be the name of the first-ever cruise ship to use the cruise control technology.

Cruise control is a technology that lets cruise ships control the movements of passengers and crew through a central control station.

Cruises can use the technology to steer and steer away from people, such as passengers or crew members, who are using their hands or feet to control the ship.

Cruisers are often fitted with a combination of cruise control and onboard computers, so passengers can use them in order to use a single control panel.

Cruiser control is more advanced than cruise control in that it can be used by all ships at once, unlike cruise control which requires the use of a separate control panel and the computer, or by a single ship for all of its lines.

Cruising lines are able to operate more effectively if they have more control systems, the group said.

It also said the cruise line’s next generation system will be “designed to support the most modern and technologically advanced cruise control technologies, including the technology that powers the next-generation Cruisir.