Cruise control technologies have been on the verge of being superseded by the next generation of ships, and a report from Reuters points to a fleet management system called MC cruise system.

In the future, cruise control systems will be less dependent on human input, and will offer better safety. 

The cruise control system is a combination of sensors, software, and onboard computer chips.

These chips control the cruise control computer system.

They’re capable of sensing the distance to the vessel and adjusting the cruise direction based on the current location.

The cruise control software then takes those readings and translates them into the desired cruise speed and direction.

According to Reuters, cruise controllers will be able to use this data to direct ships to the optimal location based on a combination the ship’s current speed and position.

This technology is expected to be fully operational by the end of the decade, but the first ships will likely be launched in 2019.

This means the MC cruise control technology could be on the brink of being obsolete by the time cruise control ships are ready for use. 

Source: Reuters