By 2018, all cruise control systems (CCS) will be updated for the new era of onboard cruise control (OCC).

The cruisers will use the new version of Cruise Control Plus (CCPlus), which has many of the same capabilities as Cruise Control, but will be based on the software architecture developed for the cruise control suite on newer cruise ships.

The cruise control system will also be able to recognize whether the cruise vehicle is within range of the cruise vessel and automatically adjust the cruise path to maximize the cruise experience for the passengers.

The update will also allow for more intuitive onboard navigation, as well as a greater emphasis on situational awareness and the ability to use onboard displays for onboard navigation and information.

The latest version of the CCPlus will be the latest version available for the Cruise Control Suite, which has been available since the ship’s inception in 1996.

A cruise control update is expected to be rolled out in 2020.

[UPDATE: Cruise Control is now the most widely used cruise control on the new ships, with a total of 5,800 onboard systems.

This is down from 6,000 before the update was rolled out.

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