Aegis Aegis System Destroyer (ASDS) is the third and most advanced Aegis destroyers, capable of carrying up to two ASDS missiles.

The ASDS is a weapon system designed to be used on a variety of platforms, and is a single point of fire.

The Aegis ASDS (aka “Aegis 1”) is an upgraded version of the Aegis Weapon System Aegis 2.

The ASDS version of Aegis 1 will replace the AegIS 2 system in service.

The system is based on the Aegimiss 3D design, which is the first iteration of a modular platform that can be used as a standalone system or as a platform for joint missions.

The first Aegis ship, Aegis 3, was built to replace the original Aegis Systems.

The next-generation system, Aegimis 4, is being built to be the first ASDS-capable ship in service, and the first to be deployed on an Aegis.