Sailors will be able to cruise around in their own ship-like submarines by 2021, thanks to a new system developed by the Navy’s shipbuilding programme.

The Aegis Advanced Systems cruise system is capable of providing the required safety and survivability for up to three submarine teams, according to the defence department.

The system is designed to be able carry up to two personnel.

The Aegis system was designed for the US Navy to build its own submarines, and the new system will allow the Navy to carry more people onboard.

The US has been working on its own shipbuilding capability for several years, but it has been delayed due to the financial crisis.

The new system was announced in the Pentagon’s Fiscal Year 2021 budget request.

It is the first time the Navy has built a submarine using its own design, according the defence company.

“In 2020, the Aegis shipbuilding program will be built at a cost of more than $100 billion, but the Navy will be investing in the technology necessary to build the ships we need to defend our country and protect our freedom,” the department said in a statement.

An early version of the Aegiscan ship-based cruise system.

While the system is already in the pipeline, it is not clear when the new Aegis-based system will become operational, the Defence Department said.

It said it would be a “game-changer” for the Navy.

Navy Secretary Ray Mabus said the Aegislash system is a “new system designed to make submarine commanders more comfortable aboard submarines.”

“I think the AegIS system will be a game-changers for our sailors and our Navy,” Mabus told a press conference.

However, some critics questioned the decision to build it on a ship, as the system will likely be used for longer periods of time.

According to the Pentagon, the system could allow the navy to deploy submarines and other assets to the ocean far more quickly than they can on a submarine.

There are currently two types of submarines currently in the US navy.

The first is the Aegir-class, which can carry up of six submarines and the Aegimodals, which carry a maximum of nine.

In 2020 the Navy is expected to order around 150 new Aegislashes.

Aegis is a joint venture between Lockheed Martin and General Dynamics, a company which builds the Aegigere ship and air defense systems.

General Dynamics also makes the U.S. Army’s Joint Tactical Missile System, which is used to shoot down incoming missiles.

Boeing is a subsidiary of Lockheed Martin, which has worked on the Navy since 2005.

Mabus also announced the acquisition of three Boeing 707 aircraft to help with the submarine build.

This was the second time the Department of Defence has ordered aircraft to be built to assist in the submarine program.

The first aircraft were ordered in 2009, and more than a dozen have now been delivered.