Cruise lines are making big moves to improve their passenger experience.

Now, the world’s biggest cruise line is making its first foray into landing a ship on the moon.

Tom Cruise, the company that brought us “Mission: Impossible” and “Back to the Future,” is partnering with NASA to build a new high-speed spacecraft for a moon mission that could be launched as early as 2019.

The space agency is planning to send the unmanned spacecraft to the moon in 2021 to perform a lunar lander.

NASA says the spacecraft will have to stay on the surface for 10 years before being released to land on the lunar surface.

Cruise is also partnering with SpaceX, a private company that builds spacecraft, to build and launch a spacecraft to fly to the Moon.

The Moon is a big place.

It’s the only place on Earth that has ever seen liquid water, which is the only form of water in the universe.

And that liquid water is extremely rare.

Cruise wants to make sure that the mission gets off to a great start, so it’s building the first spacecraft to be sent to the lunar soil.

The idea of a lunar mission has been around since the Apollo missions, but Cruise says he’s focused on bringing the concept to fruition for the first time.

Cruise says the goal is to launch a mission to the surface of the Moon in 2021 and eventually land it there.

The goal is a bit ambitious, but the company says the mission would be capable of performing tasks that have never been attempted before.

Cruise said he hopes to make the spacecraft as big as a Boeing 747 airplane.

Cruise plans to build the spacecraft from scratch, so its size will depend on how much the company can raise from investors and other investors.

For example, the price tag for the mission to land is $20 billion, but this estimate doesn’t include all the components and other costs that will be involved, Cruise said.

The company has raised a lot of money from investors like Warren Buffett and others.

It has raised $1.2 billion in funding, and it’s currently in the process of raising another $1 billion.

Cruise said that his company will also be developing a space shuttle that could take passengers to the station in about five years.

The space shuttle is a huge undertaking and the company’s goal is for the company to have it ready for launch in 2021.

The shuttle is scheduled to enter service in 2021, and Cruise hopes to have the shuttle on the space station in 2024.