A cruise-based system is being considered to help reduce emissions on a ship, according to the chief executive of a US-based company developing the technology.

The company, Cruise Automation, is testing a cruise-automated system for its flagship ships in the US and Europe, with the aim of eventually producing the system in the United States.

Cruise Automation is a joint venture between the US-headquartered Cruise Lines, based in Miami, and French-based Navigator, the parent company of Cruise.

It is one of several cruise lines exploring the use of a cruise automation system for the upcoming ships, and is looking to partner with Navigator to get its system into production, according in a filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission.

This will be the first time a ship will be equipped with a cruise system in its lifetime, said Tom O’Brien, chief executive officer of Cruise Automations.

The system will help the ships cut down on the amount of carbon dioxide produced by the ships engines and power generators, and also reduce emissions from other components of the ship, he said.

Cruise Cruise’s cruise-control system can detect and correct the ship’s speed and direction to maintain safe cruise.

Navigator is developing a system that will allow ships to be operated in their own “automation mode” using sensors that are programmed to track the ship and its surroundings.

It would then provide the ship with the power it needs to operate the ship safely and efficiently, O’Connor said.

Cruise’s technology has been developed over the last two years.

The technology has the potential to reduce the amount and intensity of carbon emissions in the atmosphere by about 10 percent, according Navigator.

There are currently about 3,400 cruise ship operating ships worldwide, and there are about 2,000 cruise ship maintenance, repair and refurbishment ships in operation worldwide, according the company.

The company also operates about 3 million cruise-ship fuel tankers and is the largest ship fuel retailer in the world, O’tah said.